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NEW classes for our September session! Dance 101 featuring ballet, taught by our new classically trained instructor, Miss Violet! NEW Ninja birthday parties, specifically designed with fun Ninja obstacle courses!


Here is a description of classes that Flips has to offer!  

All of our prices are based upon one session (4 weeks long)

Tiny Tots- (Girls and boys Age 3)  We provide a fun and structured time learning tumbling and motor skills on an obstacle course, bouncing on trampolines, arm strength on the bars, balancing on the beam, and swinging on a rope.  The instructor creates a positive approach towards learning beginning gymnastics skills, and fun abounds!

Class Duration: 45 minutes     

Price(s):  $64.00 -1 class per week  / 2 classes per week- $108.00                                                                                                                     

Student/Teacher ratio: 8 to   


Kindergym- (ages 4-5 Girls/Boys) Your child is going to have a positive experience learning real gymnastics skills, in a fun, easy, and smaller learning environment!  We use skill stations, circuits, tumble trak, parachutes, rope, and scooters, to teach gymnastic skills in a safe and age-appropriate way.     

Class Duration: 45 min.         

 Price(s): 1 class per week - $64.00 / 2 classes per week - $108.00                                                                                                                                                     

Student/Teacher ratio: 8 to 1


 Kindergym 2- (ages 4-5, Girls)  This class is for more advanced Kindergym girls, who have not turned 6 yrs. yet.  Higher level skills will be taught to advance the child's learning experience.  The class is 15 minutes longer in order to teach harder gymnastics skills.  Invitation to attend this class must be approved by the child's Kindergym instructor and the gym owner.                  

Class Duration: 60min (1 hour)  

Price(s) 1 class per week $ 72.00 / 2 classes per week $124.00 

Student/Teacher ratio-  8 to 1


Girls and Boys Recreation Levels 1 and 2(ages 6+) Students will learn the necessary gymnastic skills to build upon for learning higher level skills.  Your child's learning experience will include level appropriate gymnastics skills that are set out by USAGymnastics and AAU guidelines, and will also include strength, flexibility, and conditioning.  We will evaluate students every 4 months to determine their growth and perfection of skills designated for their level.  Each class is designed to be challenging and FUN!     

Class Duration :

Girls 1 Hr.15 min. class

Boys 1 Hr.30 min. class 

1 Class a Week 2 Classes a Week 3 Classes a Week

Girls $76.00

Boys  $80.00





  Student/Teacher ratio: 10 to 1 



Girl's Recreation Level 3- (ages 6-16)-  Students will learn more advanced and challenging gymnastics skills.  The class is 2 hours long to increase the time needed on the equipment to perfect each skill.  Warm-up and conditioning time is also increased.

Class Duration-  2 hours

Price(s)-  1 class per week-  $86.00

Student/Teacher ratio:  10 to 1


Girls Competitive Team Levels 1,Xcel Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond Level 8 (Ages 5+)

Boys Competitive Teams Xcel Bronze and Silver (ages 5+)

The primary goal of our competitive teams is to provide a safe, challenging, and productive program that rewards our progressing gymnnasts with increased flexibility, strength, coordination, and self-confidence.  Our team gymnasts enjoy learning and perfecting higher level skills and routines necessary for competition.  Placement on one of our teams will be conducted by our team coaching staff.

 Team Prices: 

Teams 2 Classes a Week 3 Classes a Week 4 Classes a Week
Girl's: Level 1 $136.00 $184.00 ----- 
Girl's Bronze Team $142.00 $193.00 ----- 
Girls  Silver Team $148.00 $202.00  -----
Girls Gold, Platinum Teams $160.00 $220.00 $290.00 
Girl's Diamond/Lev. 8 Teams ----- $220.00 $290.00
Boys Bronze/Silver $148.00 $202.00  -----


Tumbling Only (Beginning/Advanced)- (Ages 9+)  "Tumbling Only" classes are designed for students who are also involved in cheerleading, karate, or dance lessons, or just want to concentrate on enjoying tumbling only!  We provide instruction on the floor, tumble trak, and various skill stations.  Beginning tumbling skills will include learning cartwheels, rolls, walkovers, limbers, round-offs, and more.  Advanced tumblers will learn front and back handsprings, back tucks, and layouts.

 Jr. Tumbling - Ages 5-8 years 

 Class Duration: 1 hr.15 min. 


1 Class a Week 2 Class a Week
$76.00 $132.00

Student/Teacher ratio: 10 to 1 


Ninja Training Course-  Our Ninja Training class is designed to be fun and challenging, while working in a non-competitive and safe environment.  The class will focus on developing strength, agility, balance, and stamina, as they do relays, conditioning exercises, team-building games, and going through fun obstacle courses that will change every week.  Students will also improve upon their flexibility, coordination and body awareness.  They will be challenged physically as well as mentally, while instilling a healthy mindset of overcoming adversity both inside and outside the gym.

Price:  $75.00

Class Duration: 1 Hr and 30 min class

Student/Teacher ratio:  10 to 1 

Any questions?  Contact the office at (909)456-6321 

 Dance Only-  (NEW) Flips now offers dance/ballet lessons!   Our new dance class will focus on developing ballet techniques, flexibility, and coordination.  Students will learn ballet shaping, body posture, techniques, as well as jumps, turns, and movement across the floor.  





Birthday Party Times (with reservation)-  3:00-5:00pm or 6:00-8:00

Call the office to reserve-  (909)456-6321


The gym is closed on ALL Sundays. 

Time is reserved for Birthday Parties and Private Lessons.

Birthday Party time lots are 12:00-2:00 or 3:00-5:00

Please contact our office to reserve a day and time.