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Looking for something to do this school year? Stuck at home with no P.E.? Come in and have some FUN with FLIPS! NEW-Flips adds SpotTV live streaming cameras!


The Facility- Opened in June 1, 2008 Flips Gymnastics is a 13,700 sq. ft. facility full of FUN!  It was designed with loving care to provide your child a safe and positive learning environment.  Whether you're looking for gymnastics classes, competition team, tumbling only class, Ninja Obstacle Class or birthday party fun, you'll find it right here at Flips!

We offer a 42 ft. by 42 ft. wide spring floor of 2" thick foam, specifically designed for heavy tumbling use by gymnasts and cheerleaders.  We have numerous shapes and sizes of landing mats, incline mats, octagons, mailbox, and folding mats to help aid and facilitate proper skill development.  Our Tiny Tot and Kindergym classes use this fun and educational equipment daily in their obstacle courses.  

Flips provides 2 separate balance beam and bars areas, for team and recreation classes.  One of our high beams is also a "reflex " beam designed to provide extra cushion for students that are practicing higher level tumbling skills. 

We have a very large vaulting area with enough room for 2 vaulting tables, and 2, 48" high pit areas.   It is a fully protected area with 2" foam floor underneath, to help cushion growing feet and ankles!

As for bars, Flips has 3 sets of girls uneven bars for the girl's teams, a men's high bar, and 9 solid single bars to complete our very large bar area!  There are plenty of bars and bar stations to keep each class busy! 

As for boys equipment, we have it all!  Flips offers a dedicated parallel bar area with 3 sets of P. bars, 3 mushrooms, 1 pommel horse, 2 pommel horse trainers, and 3 ring stations.  There is plenty of equipment dedicated just for boys, so that they can learn to swing, twist, and fly!

As an added bonus, Flips also has an elevated tumbling strip, that is 40 ft long x 8 ft. wide.  We have put a foam pit at the end so that the tumblers can learn to flip and twist.

Flips also offers a 24 ft. long tumble trak (trampoline) which provides a great amount of fun for our beginning gymnasts, as well as helping our team gymnasts and tumblers to learn their tumbling skills in a safe way.  Students can do many skill repetitions on a tumble trak, while keeping their arms and legs safe from injury and fatigue. 



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Pro ShopFlips has a fully stocked ProShop providing our customers with the newest and most sparkly leotards, gymnastic shorts, unitards, T-shirts, grips, wrist bands, grip bags, athletes tape and pre-wrap.  Our prices are very reasonable, and are too good to be true!  We sell leotards for just $25.00, unitards $30.00and shorts for only $15.00 Come in and see our great selection of sizes and fabric.


Snack Bar-  Flips also provides our customers with a  snack bar filled with yummy items like candy, crunchy cracker goodies, fruit and fruit snacks.  We provide ice cold water, soda pop, and Capri Suns, for our hot months, and hot coffee, chocolate, and spiced cider for those cold winter days.