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Looking for something to do this school year? Stuck at home with no P.E.? Come in and have some FUN with FLIPS!

Welcome to Flips Gymnastics


Hello All Flips Members:

Flips will finally be re-opening on Monday June 15th.  Due to the restrictions put on our gym during this time we have worked out a summer schedule that will consist of fewer numbers of kids per class time, staggered time starts and finishes for classes (as to not over fill our lobby), A.M. and P.M. Classes, and many other changes.  We hope by September Session our gym can go back to normal and train a lot harder for the upcoming 2021 season. 

Flips will have a professional cleaning service every 2 weeks sanitize and thoroughly clean the mats, gym, and office spaces starting this week.  Coach Amanda, Freddie and a few parents and Coaches have helped to completely clean and sanitize every mat and piece of equipment used by our gymnasts.   Our office workers will actively keep the offices, entryways, bathrooms, and pro shops clean for the summer according to CDC recommendations.  Anyone entering the gym will be temperature checked and checked for any Covid or flu/cold like symptoms.  They will be asked to go back home if their temperature is above 100.4.  Please do not drop your child off if they have any Covid symptoms, have been around anyone with Covid in the last 14 days or have any headache, shortness of breath or dizziness.  This is the time of year when it gets hot in the gym and flu/cold symptoms can get aggravated worse by the heat.  We will allow for frequent water breaks and popsicle breaks (for team only) cut open by 1 office worker or coach with proper hand sanitization first.  Gymnasts/Parents will have to either hand sanitize or wash their hands upon entering the gym. 

The Summer schedule allows for 15-minute breaks for all coaches between every class to properly wipe down or sanitize all equipment used.  The gym will also be cleaned and sprayed down at the end of every night.    

Unfortunately, our coaches will have to spot the children (that is the nature of our sport.  We will spot the skills that need the most help on for safety concerns.  Our Coaching staff will have their temperatures checked upon entering the gym and will use sanitizer or wash their hands between rotations.  We are not forcing our coaches to wear a mask (it will be every coaches choice) seeing that our gym gets very warm in the summer and a mask could cause health problems and heat stroke and do more harm to them. All gymnasts will be working on basics, stretching, dance, basic tumbling, beam, and bar skills they can do on their own, re-conditioning their bodies back into the gym during the summer months. We will gradually start introducing the harder skills when we feel they are ready and conditioned enough.  We must take it a little at a time to ensure their bodies time to reacclimate into harder training as to not have injuries.  All gymnasts will always be asked to maintain a 6 ft. distance between them.  We know this has been a hard time and everyone misses their friends, however we need to maintain safe practices until our government says we can go back to normal.  There will be 6 ft. markers across the gym on the rec floor, team floor and waiting areas for maintaining social distancing during training.  Gymnasts will be asked to clean or sanitize their hands after each event rotation.  There will be 1 beam per 1-2 gymnasts, and 1 to 2 gymnasts on each bar set. Which will be cleaned after every class or at the end of each day.  Please take this time to teach your child proper hand sanitization processes, proper hygiene and to clean up after themselves in their cubbies and bathroom areas.  Flips staff will have a lot to clean everyday during this time and it is much easier with the kids cleaning up after themselves and helping our limited staff. 

Parents:  Our office desks have been out fitted with fiberglass shields to protect our staff and parents from any possible disease.  There will only be 1 parent per family allowed to enter the building to watch at a time. Due to the 6 ft. rule, there is an extremely limited amount of seating in both lobby’s during this time.  However, we highly recommend you watch from your car or home with our new camera system on your parent portal. We are offering the 1st 2 summer sessions free.  After that there will be a $5 charge. We will be asking all parents to pay online in our portal system for the use of this after the summer sessions have completed.

 If you need a new password or need to sign on to the parent portal for the 1st time please email the gym at to re-set your password.  All parents need to try to pay online during this time.  Schedules are changing therefore we will need all parents who plan on returning to Flips to email the gym the following:  

  1. Gymnast Full Name
  2. Class days/times you want to attend (based on 1st come 1st serve during the summer)
  3. Any issues: Paying 3 weeks (1-week vacation), etc.…

We will sign them up for classes and post the payment to your parent portal hopefully within 1 day and let you know you can pay online.  Once paid they can attend class.  If your gymnast arrives to class without you paying, they will be asked to call home and will not be able to attend class.  The office staff will be at the gym actively signing kids up over the phone or emails.  If you have questions please email, call, or quickly ask at the front desk where we will be asking for a 6 ft. distance between parents waiting in line. 

            Due to guidelines each gymnast will have to have their own Chalk box.  Each team member will be required to buy a block of chalk and bring it in a large Ziploc or sealable bin of their own. Upon returning, each team member will need to bring $5 cash with them to buy the block and put into their own bin carried to and from class every day in their Gym Bags.  Recreational gymnasts can also buy a block of chalk if needed for sweatier hands.  This is especially important to help in not spreading any disease during this time. 

            Flips was initially closed in March with 2 weeks of the March session left.  We will be allowing make-ups for week 3 and 4 throughout our 2 summer sessions of 10 weeks through August 22nd.  Please call the gym at (909)456-6321 or email at to make arrangements for make-ups. 

            Flips will be having team tryouts during the week of June 8-13th.  These will be quick trials with no more then 4 kids per head coach at a time.  These are open tryouts for any gymnast age 5-17 who has had gymnastics experience at Flips or another gymnastics facility. Please contact us ASAP by Thursday June 11th if you would like your gymnast to tryout.  If you know any friends from other gyms who may be looking to make team, let them know to contact us. 

            This has been an extremely hard time for all including Flips.  We understand the hardships everyone is going through.  Flips asks for patience, kindness and understanding during this time.  Classes, times, and coaches have been changed around to make for smaller classes with greater distances between the kids.  This will be a learning curve for all and will take some time to get used to all the new rules and regulations placed upon the gym.  Flips has planned on having AM and PM classes to better accommodate this new way of learning and to help spread out the number of classes in the gym at one time.  We have had to make a lot of hard decisions over the last few months and have decided to remain open.

Attached is the new Calendar, Pricing Sheets and the new schedule.  Please contact us immediately.  Every class will be based on a 1st come 1st serve basis during the summer sessions.  We will be having (2) 5-week sessions.  Early discounts will still apply if you pay by this week online by Sunday June 14th

Tiny Tots, Kindergym, Kinder 2, Jr. Tumbling, Jr. Ninja and Jr. Make-ups = 5 kids per class

Level 1, Level 2, Regular Ninja, Make-ups= 6 kids per class

Tumbling, Team Tumbling= 8 kids per class

All Team Classes= 10 kids per day

All Team gymnasts will remain the same level for the summer.  If you work hard and we see you can handle the next level up, then you will be moved up for the September Session and begin learning your new routines.  We also recommend at least 3 days if you can afford it during the summer to try to catch up and recondition your body.  All team gymnasts can go at least 4 days a week during the summer sessions.

We are excited to see everyone’s faces and even though we are not allowed to hug anyone during this time we can always give an air hug from a distance.  We look forward to seeing everyone and are incredibly sad for the one’s we have lost during this unforeseen time.  Let us all hope for a June 15th start date, until then we will keep you posted by email and Facebook. 

Thank you for visiting our website!  Please feel free to browse around and see what Flips has to offer!

Our goal is to provide your gymnast the best gymnastics program in the area, and we hope that your child will enjoy their time with us.  Here at Flips, we believe that gymnastics should not only be instructional, but FUN ! 



If you have any questions, please contact the office at (909)456-6321 or you can email   

Sign-up now for Classes!

Make sure to reserve your spot in class now, as classes are filling up fast!  Classes are limited to only 10 students each, and 8 students each in our Tiny Tots and Kindergym classes.  Come in and reserve your spot today!

Class Features:

     1.  1 Free Trial class offered per interested student.

     2.   Low instructor to student ratios.

     3.  Make-up lessons are allowed for classes missed, in specified Make-up classes, (if taken before the end of the session that the child was absent).

     4.  Sessions are offered every 4 weeks.   One session can run in two different calendar months, please see our Session Calendar for session dates in the classes tab.

     5. We have PRIORITY REGISTRATION (Week 3)- This is open to all currently enrolled students who wish to guarantee their Day(s) & Time(s) slots for next session.

Discounts Offered!

  • $10.00 off per student if you register  on Week 3 or 4. 
  • $10 off for extra family members- receive an extra $10 off for each family member after the 1st child.
  • $10 off your next session if you "bring in a friend", who also registers for lessons.
  • We "pro-rate" lessons if you register after the 1st week of the session.   This will allow you to take a family vacation during the session without being charged the entire rate! 

New Team Members!

Flips Gymnastics offers competitive teams for Girls Levels 1, Xcel Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Level 7 and 8, and Boys Xcel levels Bronze, Silver, and Gold!  Our season is swiftly approaching in December, so if your competitive gymnast is interested in getting in on the action on one of our award winning teams, call to make an appointment for a team tryout today!  Flips will accept any new team member, at any time, if the gymnast qualifies for our team, and there is room on the team they qualify for.

Here are the competition team levels that Flips is presently offering:

Girls AAU Levels 1, Xcel Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Level 7 and 8.

Boys AAU Levels Xcel Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Contact the office at (909)456-6321, or email the gym at with any questions relating to our teams.